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Annual gas servicing

Liberty Gas is our gas servicing and maintenance contractor. When the safety check is due they will send a letter to your property, detailing the appointment date and time that the engineer will be attending. If this is not convenient we ask you to contact them using one of the four methods of contact detailed below to arrange an alternative time.  You will receive an automatic text reminder normally 24hrs before your appointment if you have provided us with your current mobile number, please note this is a no-reply service.  Liberty’s engineer will then call round at the arranged time to do the work. If you are not in, the engineer will leave a second card, asking you to contact again to arrange another time. 

You can contact Liberty Gas 24hrs a day 7 days a week to re-book and to also advise us of any specific requirements:

  • tel: CBH’s freephone: 0800 408 0000 & selecting Option 2
  • tel: Liberty Gas freephone: 0330 123 3340 (free from mobiles only)
  • texting only: 07880 034922 your address must be included
  • e-mailing:

If you fail to make an appointment, or subsequently fail to keep an appointment that has been made, the Council will be left with no alternative other than to apply to a Judge at the County Court for an injunction requiring you to grant the Council access.  This will be done without further notice being given.  This course of action may incur costs of £377.50 payable to the Council, which could be added to your rent account and registered as a debt.

Got a Worcester Bosch boiler?
For help and assistance regarding your Worcester Bosch boiler visit the company’s Quick gas boiler help page or for home heating advice and step by step ‘How to’ video guides see: WorcesterBosch Youtube

Your boiler in cold weather
During periods of very cold weather, we occasionally receive enquiries from customers whose boilers’ do not appear to be working. Sometimes this is to do with the condensate discharge pipe freezing and preventing the boiler from operating – find out what you can do if this happens.

Gas safety
Make sure you know where the main stopcock is (usually beside the meter) and how to turn it off in an emergency. If you think you can smell gas:

  • don’t turn electric switches on or off
  • don’t smoke
  • don’t use naked flames
  • do turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • do open all doors and windows to get rid of the gas
  • do check to see if the gas tap has been turned onaccidentally
  • do check if a ring or pilot has been blown out
For any gas emergency at anytime call The National Grid on 0800 111 999 (freephone) or follow the link to the National Grid website for information regarding gas.